By the Wayside

By the Wayside vkloch 2
By The Wayside – 30″x 48″ – by Victoria Kloch

The only thing about this painting that was preconceived were my colors. Filling each moment without hesitation I moved forward with so many emotions. I began with dark and exaggerated shapes and I remember thinking what am I getting into here? Working past the initial fear….yes I was scared, I just let this painting become a part of me. The time spent with this piece became a dance with joy and pure excitement.

Thank you



All dressed up

California _ 48%22x60%22My client just sent me this great shot of a piece I did for for her Hollywood Regency designed home in California. I incorporated gold leaf in this piece and worked acrylic like a watercolor. I absolutely am in love with this framed. It really was the icing on the cake for this piece and it brings out the gold in the painting.

Over the Purple Hill

over the purple hill framed‘Over the Purple Hill’ 12″x 12″ acrylic landscape abstract painting by Victoria Kloch

This original piece is available as well as prints.

We’ve hiked a lot at Sunol Regional Wilderness Park in Alameda County located eastern San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California. Next to going to the ocean, this is one of my very favorite places to go to with it’s beautiful rolling hills laced with hiking trails for both visitors and cows.

Untitled 426

untitled 426 gallery WallLooking for a name? Stepping outside of the box for me with red and gold.  Seems like no matter how much I try to get away from using blue in someway I tend to gravitate towards it. With this painting I decided to put my foot down and go for the reds with gold metallic paint. I’m so in love with these colors. This 30″ x 48″ painting can hang both vertical and horizontal. _Victoria

Lydia’s White Sea

Lydias white sea white frame

‘Lydia’s White Sea’ 30″x40″ modern geometric by Victoria Kloch

Lydia’s White Sea

There once lived a jellyfish and a little girl named Lydia.
Together they traveled the white sea.
Though their journeys were vast, they would always return.
It was the crystal sea they loved the best.

This painting reminds me of my Granddaughter Lydia. When Lydia was young she loved to draw and paint mostly jellyfish.

Under the Eames Tree


under the Eames tree framed

‘Under the Eames Tree’ geometric soft pastel abstract painting by Victoria Kloch

For the younger readers, I probably should explain why this title? The designers Charles and Ray Eames were key players in mid century art and revolutionized office and home furniture that is now considered as classic Eames. To make a long story short, after I finished this piece the title it hit me like a brick. It looked treeish, mid century with primarily colored blocks….yep….’Under the Eames Tree’. Below is a picture of the house that they called home.

Eames 017



sailing desktop

Titled “Sailing’ acrylic on 16″ x 20” canvas modern abstract by Victoria Kloch

This painting sold many many moons ago but it is still getting traffic from Pinterest. As of today it has received 2,661 hits. I have painted several others similar for commissions, but  this is now calling me to start on another in a larger piece just for fun and free from the pressure of making it for someone. Because of my under-layers peeking through, redoing this piece is like peeling an onion from the inside out. So off I go to begin a new adventure in sailing.

Commission headed for Tennessee


40″ x 50″ commissioned acrylic abstract painting by Victoria Kloch

From start to finish this painting was stretched on a handcrafted frame by Kurt Wedgley. Working on this large canvas was pure heaven because it was as tight as a drum with no interference of the braces underneath like a store bought canvas.

Kurts canvas making

Taste of Wine II

Taste of Wine 9_4This piece was commissioned as a re-creation of my original ‘Taste of Wine’ This one is 36″x 60″ and resides in a community center back East at Fort Totten Northeast Washington, D.C.


Still and Kitty vkloch

‘Still’ 30″ x 40″ acrylic abstract by Victoria Kloch

I have studied many of the mid-century artist work. For me the best way is to actually try to replicate their style hands-on.  Lately I’ve been studying the work of Clifford Still. If you already know about the man and his work, you no doubt have formed your own opinions about him. I personally found his style of free flow vertical patterns with barbed like endings a challenge. This piece before you was inspired by his work with my own interpretations without copying one of his actual paintings. This piece is available to purchase.

Peeking Beyond the Curtain

peeking beyond wall vklochThis geometric painting titled ‘Peeking Beyond the Curtain’ by Victoria Kloch is a large gouache watercolor measuring 36″ x 29.5″ Shown here with horizontal orientation, it can also be hung vertical. This is available for purchase.

Engage – Diptych Geometric Paintings

engaged wall vklochTitle  ‘Engage’ by Victoria Kloch. Together the size of this piece is 60″ x 48″. A West Coast hardedge geometric in blue, yellow ochre and grays painted with acrylics by using repeated thin glazing technique. This painting has more pow in person and it truly makes a statement. This is available for purchase.

Playland at the Beach

Title 'Playland at the Beach' - original large watercolor 22" x 30" by Victoria Kloch

Title ‘Playland at the Beach’ – original large watercolor 22″ x 30″ by Victoria Kloch

Title ‘Playland at the Beach’ – original large watercolor 22″ x 30″ – mid century style

When I was growing up, my parents took us to ‘Playland’ in San Francisco. What great childhood memories of the The Fun House, Laffing Sal and The Giant Camera Obscura that was moved to a new location next to the Cliff House when Playland closed in 1972. That is still there today.

Learning To See

'Learning To See' a tribute to Franz Kline, 48"x48" acrylic abstract by Victoria Kloch

‘Learning To See’ a tribute to the early work of Franz Kline, 48″x48″ acrylic abstract by Victoria Kloch

As I continue to study the masters of modern expressionism, this is my hands on tribute to Franz Kline. Although Kline is most recognized for his structured black and white abstracts, I am especially drawn to his earlier works of color. As I worked on this piece I found myself so involved that several times I was brought to tears. As I uncovered the layers of his composition I came to realize the pure genius of his work.

Franz Kline tributed painted by Victoria Kloch