Anamorphic Painting | Kurt Wedgley


Anamorphic Realism Painting by SF Bay Area artist Kurt Wedgley. Look again. This is a ‘painting’ on wood. First of all Kurt always wanted to try to see if he could do this style of painting. So he set out to plan a composition where many different kinds of surfaces would be incorporated i.e. paper with cellophane, glass with the wood grains showing through and liquid.


Commission headed for Tennessee


40″ x 50″ commissioned acrylic abstract painting by Victoria Kloch

From start to finish this painting was stretched on a handcrafted frame by Kurt Wedgley. Working on this large canvas was pure heaven because it was as tight as a drum with no interference of the braces underneath like a store bought canvas.

Kurts canvas making

Hot Spring

'Hot Spring' 30"x48" modern abstract by Kurt Wedgley

‘Hot Spring’ 30″x48″ modern abstract by Kurt Wedgley

I’ve seen this painting in person and it’s truly an amazing piece. The tropical blues cradled by neutrals are rich and inviting. This composition  is perfectly balance and can be hung both horizontal and vertical.

Wedgley’s signature placed here is a watermark for on-line purpose only.