All dressed up

California _ 48%22x60%22My client just sent me this great shot of a piece I did for for her Hollywood Regency designed home in California. I incorporated gold leaf in this piece and worked acrylic like a watercolor. I absolutely am in love with this framed. It really was the icing on the cake for this piece and it brings out the gold in the painting.


Marta Lisa

'Marta Lisa' 4" x 4" oil painting by Victoria Kloch

‘Marta Lisa’ 4″ x 4″ oil painting by Victoria Kloch

Marta Lisa is my sister. She wasn’t always my sister. We started out as best friends. This is where it gets interesting. Marta Lisa was my best friend and she lived up the street.  We decided it would be wonderful if we could get our parents together because her dad and my mother each had been divorced for 10 years. I loved her dad and she loved my mom, why not? Little did our parents know that at the age of 14, we set out to make a parent trap. I think it may have been my Mother’s roast beef that actually won him over. To make a long story short, they did meet and were married for 42 plus years. When we were young, oh the fun we had. My sister is as warm as the colors of this painting. She has dedicated the past two decades working to support Hospice. I am truly proud of her. With her eye for glints and sparkle she has a heart of pure gold. Marta Lisa, we’ve come a long way babe!


About this Collection 

This is one of many small oil paintings in my series titled ‘Women’. They each represent family, friends and other women who bring inspiration in our daily lives. This project started out as a study for future color palettes for my larger paintings and emerged as little gems. At first when it came time to name each piece, I realized that each had their own personalities and reminded me of individuals that have touched my life in some way.