Lydia’s White Sea

Lydias white sea white frame

‘Lydia’s White Sea’ 30″x40″ modern geometric by Victoria Kloch

Lydia’s White Sea

There once lived a jellyfish and a little girl named Lydia.
Together they traveled the white sea.
Though their journeys were vast, they would always return.
It was the crystal sea they loved the best.

This painting reminds me of my Granddaughter Lydia. When Lydia was young she loved to draw and paint mostly jellyfish.


Under the Eames Tree


under the Eames tree framed

‘Under the Eames Tree’ geometric soft pastel abstract painting by Victoria Kloch

For the younger readers, I probably should explain why this title? The designers Charles and Ray Eames were key players in mid century art and revolutionized office and home furniture that is now considered as classic Eames. To make a long story short, after I finished this piece the title it hit me like a brick. It looked treeish, mid century with primarily colored blocks….yep….’Under the Eames Tree’. Below is a picture of the house that they called home.

Eames 017


Taste of Wine II

Taste of Wine 9_4This piece was commissioned as a re-creation of my original ‘Taste of Wine’ This one is 36″x 60″ and resides in a community center back East at Fort Totten Northeast Washington, D.C.

Peeking Beyond the Curtain

peeking beyond wall vklochThis geometric painting titled ‘Peeking Beyond the Curtain’ by Victoria Kloch is a large gouache watercolor measuring 36″ x 29.5″ Shown here with horizontal orientation, it can also be hung vertical. This is available for purchase.

A re-creation of ‘Transcend’ will reside in Brazil, 7 foot long

'Transcend' commission heading for Brazil un stretched - 48

‘Transcend’ commission heading for Brazil un stretched – 48″ x 85″ acrylic by Victoria Kloch

Home sweet home.

Home sweet home.

The process of creating this piece here was using many, many thin layers that ultimately created depth with a look of an oil/watercolor painting. The rewards of this slow process results in what comes to my eye is a pool of jewels, a foggy, mystical piece that draws your eyes and hands in for a closer look.