Purple River | Mustard Line

Purple River 8″x10″, Mustard Line 8″x10″ modern acrylic structured abstract by Victoria Kloch.  Small paintings with a strong presence.


9 thoughts on “Purple River | Mustard Line

  1. Both beautiful, Victoria. 8×10 seems mighty huge to me! Love your caption lol. What size do you typically work in? I know you work much larger than me, but how much? Your stuff inspires me always and I thank you for that.

    • Hi Laura, Good to see you! Most of my work is 30″x48″ because that seems to be the most popular size for sells. But my commissions are typically much larger. 48″x72″ is probably my largest. My favorite size because of the proportions is 48″x60″, it just seems to flow better for my compositions. Keep painting….😉

      • That’s a good question. It’s funny, if you go to a museum of modern art, 30″x48″ seems small. But I quess I have. It depended on whatever art materials I could get my hands on at the time. One of my personal favorites of an earlier painting that I did 1980’s was a 30″x40″ sea shell still life watercolor that I did for my sister. I used an arches watercolor board. You know that zone you feel when you paint? Well this was one of those pieces.

      • It was more realistic, but from top to bottom the shells, coral and starfish are huge. This hangs vertical with a light overlay of blue covering the shells on the bottom that suggested water of a low tide.

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