Transcend III

Transcend III vklochTranscend III is simalar to the original Transcend by Victoria Kloch which was featured in The Coastal Living Magazine. This has been created with acrylics on a deep stretched canvas with thin glazes over glazes like a watercolor painting. In person this has vibrant jewel-like qualities in a palette of Deep turquoise, various blues, aqua greens, white and a warm neutral gray. This 30″ x 48″ is available for purchase.


4 thoughts on “Transcend III

  1. Victoria, this is a stunner! You probably get sick of hearing this! Wow, THIS is the kind of acrylic work I would love to do. I am still new to acrylics. I assume you’re using lots of acrylic glazing liquid to create very sheer layers? How are you getting your ethereal blends? Can you offer any tips? I am in the middle of a challenge with a couple of other artists to paint every day in May. If I could paint a scene like this, I would want to fly around the room. I may stare at this painting and hope to be inspired by it! In any event, if I ever come up with anything that gives me the transcendence I’m getting just looking at this digitally on a screen, I will link back to you here. Wow, this one is blowing me away completely! If you could recommend any books or artist’s work I could study or learn more about, I would be most grateful. I should probably just scroll through your work here!! Thank you for sharing this beauty. I am in awe! 💙

    • I never get sick of hearing this! Humbly I thank you. When painting with acrylics on canvas I do mix my acrylics with some kind of medium. I have used acrylic glazing, but I found using ‘Liquitex gloss medium and varnish’ added to my water better (2 part varnish – 1 part water), you will have to play with the ratios. You can also use their ‘Airbrush Medium’ too. I
      also use really good quality paint. Goldens and Liquitex. When painting try not to pre-mix your paints. When you layer, each color will play it’s part with the color underneath creating a rich depth and mystery. I discovered this when studying Maxfield Parish. Though he used oils he was known for up to 100 thin layers. The jewel-like color glazing produces is very exciting. It’s great that you are painting everyday. Enjoy your journey. I hope this was helpful. 🙂

      • Thanks so much, Victoria, for taking the time to give me your wisdom! I already have Golden acrylic glazing liquid (and use mostly their brand of paint). Would it be worthwhile for me to buy that Liquitex gloss medium and varnish product too? I’m getting ready to place an order and could add it, if you recommend that in place of the Golden product. Thank you again, so much! Your work inspires me so much! I will look up Maxfield Parish too. (I didn’t even know you could glaze with oil paint – that’s a medium I’ve never tried.) ❤

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