From a Working Artist Perspective

Jenn's color paletteMy 2015 is off to a promising start. Two commissions have just been presented to me one of which is from France the other in the USA.  As I work on the color palette for one of my client’s to choose from, I thought of the struggles that every working artist faces. Yes, I’m sure we have all heard the words starving artist.

When someone purchases a piece of art, they are making an investment. Today’s artists are the future Mark Rothkos, De Koonings . . . Monets and Vincent Van Goghs. Dear troubled Van Gogh only sold one or two paintings in his entire life.

It is safe to say that back in the day their work was not being sold for millions of dollars. Now a Rothko color field piece went for $75 million at Sotherbys.

Buyers if you can find an artist who you love their work. An artist that is actively and consistently painting, don’t just admire their work, please buy it. Down the road your investment could bring an abundant return.

For those collectors who have purchased my work, I thank you for not only helping me put food on my table, but allowing me to continue to nourish the drive within.

I hope you all have a happy and prosperous 2015.



3 thoughts on “From a Working Artist Perspective

  1. HI Victoria, Its been so long since I’ve seen you around. And you have been very busy I can tell – this is excellent and congrats on all your commission’s this year! You’re work just keeps getting more and more beautiful! PS In your article above I”m pretty sure you meant “Monet” right? Cheers!

      • LOL, I hear you. I usually catch errors way after I post. We are not editors we are artists right? That’s the excuse I’M sticking with! All the best to you going forward!

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