'Velma' 4"x4" oil painting by Victoria Kloch

‘Velma’ 4″x4″ oil painting by Victoria Kloch

Velma was my Grandmother and left life at the young age of 45. For the 4 years that I was with her, she was bigger than life to me though she was shorter than 5 feet tall. My brother called her MeMa, but for some reason I called her Mimi. She loved the water, any water. Ocean, lake, The Delta and was quite the fisherman. I remember one day going to visit her walking in the door she quickly told me to go take a peek in the bathtub. I’m sure my eyes where as wide as silver dollars. I found swimming two gigantic catfish. My Grandma had fishes swimming in her bathtub!  Mimi, you left us way to soon. I still had so much to learn from you. I love you.

About this Collection 

This is one of many small oil paintings in my series titled ‘Women’. They each represent family, friends and other women who bring inspiration in our daily lives. This project started out as a study for future color palettes for my larger paintings and emerged as little gems. At first when it came time to name each piece, I realized that each had their own personalities and reminded me of individuals that have touched my life in some way.


5 thoughts on “Velma

  1. Hi Victoria
    I’m so enjoying your little gems of the women series. Funny that your grandmother was called MeMa and then changed to Mimi that is exactly what happened to me.:) My grand daughter was saying Mommie backwards – MeMa!
    Can’t wait to see your next painting you’re on a roll!

    • Judi, that’s so amazing, it tickles me! I didn’t find out until I was older why my brother called her MeMa in the first place. When he was young, Mimi took care of him while our Mother work. At the end of the day she would arrive to pick him up. As she walked throughout the door, she would call out, “It’s me Ma”.

      I love hearing from you!

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