'Dolores' 4" x 4" oil painting by Victoria Kloch

‘Dolores’ 4″ x 4″ oil painting by Victoria Kloch

Dolores is one of the ten children of Barbara. She lived in Upstate New York so I never had the chance to get to know her. I did meet her when we went to the family reunion. What an unforgettable trip that was. It took us three days of non stop driving to get there from California to meet family that I had heard about for years. The icing on the cake was getting to see the one room school-house where the ten children were raised.  My palette inspired by her green rolling countryside and yellow for her warmth as she welcomed us into her home.

About this Collection 

This is one of many small oil paintings in my series titled ‘Women’. They each represent family, friends and other women who bring inspiration in our daily lives. This project started out as a study for future color palettes for my larger paintings and emerged as little gems. At first when it came time to name each piece, I realized that each had their own personalities and reminded me of individuals that have touched my life in some way.


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