'Victoria' 4" x 4" oil painting abstract

‘Victoria’ 4″ x 4″ oil painting abstract

I am a painter and here is a glimpse of me. Now that I am in the beginning phase of my project ‘Women’ I unexpectedly find myself with a heart feeling like a bowl of mush. Stepping out like this is extremely rare for me. I’m old school. I believe that you should never let them see you sweat. I’ve learned my strengths and my short comings. For a time I’ve allowed myself to be controlled by some, but I never let them define me.  I’m sure it will come as no surprise to those that know me, I’m a dreamer with enough common sense to know better. For all my life I have felt like an outsider looking in. I am an observer.  I was a painful shy child though you would not know it today. I realize it effected many of the decisions that I made in my life.  I am eccentric in my reclusiveness, but my true friends understand and respect my space.  My heart aches for others suffering, so the more withdrawn I become the less I have to take on. I am way to intuitive for my own good.  I spend most of my time painting and writing because I feel that I can’t waste one precious minute.

Ok, here I am. Mother of Tara and Dawn, grandmother to Riley, Violet, Lydia and Lillian Victoria and Kylee. Daughter of Betty, granddaughter to Hilda and Velma, sister to Allen, Marta, Kim and Mette.

These paintings have given to me valuable time to reflect. If words could be my legacy it would be this. In the end only kindness matters. To my granddaughters, follow your dreams and life is to short so only allow those in your life who are kind to you.

About this Collection 

This is one of many small oil paintings in my series titled ‘Women’. They each represent family, friends and other women who bring inspiration in our daily lives. This project started out as a study for future color palettes for my larger paintings and emerged as little gems. At first when it came time to name each piece, I realized that each had their own personalities and reminded me of individuals that have touched my life in some way.


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