Extend a hand

'Sunny Side Up' two 18"x 36" panels. Modern abstract by Victoria Kloch

‘Sunny Side Up’ two 18″x 36″ panels. Modern abstract by Victoria Kloch

To those who are interested in owning original art and helping an American family in Malaysia. I have lowered my prices on Etsy and I would LOVE to donate 10% of any profits on my sales to this wonderful family. My friend is suffering with health issues and is in need of financially help to make ends meet. He is an artist painter/photographer who lost his job at the university due to cut backs. On top of that, he suffers with ‘Iritis’ and needs frequent medical attention. Thank you for reading this and know that your investment on any painting will be helping others. _ Victoria

You can find my work at https://www.etsy.com/shop/VictoriaKloch# or at my Zibbet Shop at http://www.zibbet.com/VictoriaKloch


2 thoughts on “Extend a hand

  1. As a fellow artist who suffers with chronic illness, I applaud your efforts for helping your friend! Wishing you many sales of your beautiful work!!

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