Icy Blue Zip

'Icy Blue Zip' color field with zip line style painting on 30"x30" canvas by Victoria Kloch

‘Icy Blue Zip’ color field with zip line, midcentury style painting on 30″x30″ canvas by Victoria Kloch

Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman were the most prolific  artist of mid century Color Field painting in the 1950-1960’s era.  Color has such a big impact on our personal lives. It was said that when standing in front of a Rothko painting often times the viewer would be brought to tears.   Newman took it a step further and used what he called  Zip Lines.   While at first to the eye of the viewer this piece may seem minimally simple, but actuality what you are seeing are  under colors of many layers to bring depth and eventual blends by the Zip that make it pop.  I knew when this piece reached completion was when the zip line jumped out.  Simply stated, for me it never feels less then exciting to take globs of lifeless paints out of a tube, place them on a canvas and bring to life something that glows.

Commission work welcomed.


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