Steam – walk carefully

'Steam - walk carefully' 20" x 20" acrylic abstract by Victoria Kloch

‘Steam – walk carefully’ 20″ x 20″ acrylic abstract by Victoria Kloch

This painting made it on to Etsy’s front page.


5 thoughts on “Steam – walk carefully

      • Hey Victoria! I’m keeping my computer time very little. Yesterday the Iritis was worse, unfortunately, so the doctor gave the steroid injection into the eyeball: I’ve had that done several times, but for some reason it was more painful this time and I could feel the needle moving around inside the eyeball! Strange, interesting and Quite Painful experience. It is just the way this disease is – ups and downs. Take care and wishing you a Creative Day!

      • I do feel for you. My sister has had this condition for years. She discovered it one morning when she woke up blind. It was frightening. Her sight did return though very much limited. She ended up getting cataracts and she can’t seem to keep the iritis flair ups from happening long enough in-between to get that surgery need. I have tried to encourage her to work on her immune system in the way of acupuncture as well ridding her life from the use of chemical products and eating only organic foods…but she never listened and is still a heavy tobacco smoker. Being the artist that you are, it’s got to be so frustrating. Take good care of yourself!

      • Thank you Victoria – I really do mean that. I am here for my 30-mins of computer time (or there’abouts). Yeah, I am very frustrated, as you know, since you have been thru this with your sister. Very stressed out too. I have so much work finished in my mind that I can’t get put into physical terms with my camera and computer. For some reason beyond my comprehension, my Iritis this episode is very much worse and taking a long time to work out. If it is not looking better by Monday it will probably be another Dr’s visit. Thanks again! 🙂

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